Lotusphere Tips Home

As so many members of the Lotus and ICS Community have tips, guides and plenty of quality information about how to get the best out of your Lotusphere experience, I am making an attempt to collate it all to share with you.


So on this site you will fine guides and tips for first timers, general tips and tricks about making your Lotusphere easy to manage, and some of those helpful guides. There is also a section for Lotusphere links - abstract submission assistance, useful sites, info about the twitter accounts / searches and of course poscasts.


Hope you find this site useful and if you would like to add something - let me know.


I would like to say thank you to all the great people in the Lotus/ICS community for making me feel so welcome and helping me get the best out of my first Lotusphere in 2011. Without the Community this just wouldn't be possible - so .....